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If you contact us we can:

  • Give you expert advice on how to deal with bailiffs at your door

  • Speak to bailiffs personally

  • Call up the local council on your behalf

  • Negotiate a payment plan you can afford

“The service was excellent and more important to me, I wasn't made feel as if I was the only stupid person to get into this mess." Frances

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We can help with debts with all major creditors, including...

Who are UK Debt Relief?

UK Debt Relief are here to help you stop bailiffs in their tracks.

Our debt advice team offers free support to people in the UK who are struggling with debt.

Whether you are being pursued for debt by a bailiff, your local council or a private company, we can give you immediate help and support.

‘What can I do if I’m in debt?’

Debt is something that will affect everyone in one way or another during their lifetime. With so many commitments, such as council tax, utility bills, credit cards and loan repayments, there are many people through the UK, from all walks of life, who have experience of debts piling up.

‘What debts can you help me with?’

  • Council Tax arrears
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Rent arrears
  • Overdue utility or phone bills
  • Any debt that has been passed to bailiff companies for collection
  • Income Tax
  • Buy now - pay later schemes
  • Benefits overpayments
  • Any unsecured debt

Debt Solutions

It is always best to seek professional advice about your financial situation before your debt begins to spiral out of control. There are a number of debt solutions available in the UK.

Some of the debt solutions that may be available to you are:

Each debt solution is different, yet they are all designed to help you clear your debts while and guarantee that as you do so you keep enough of your income to keep the lights on and put food on the table.

Some debt solutions even allow your debts to be wiped clean after a few years.

Each debt solution has its own set of advantages, disadvantages and eligibility requirements, so it is important that you understand which is most suited to your circumstances.

Don’t be afraid
to seek independent advice
Call us on 0141 566 7038 to prevent your wages and possessions being seized.

Just because you know that these debt solutions are available, it doesn’t mean that you should wait until the last minute to take control of your debts.

It really is the sooner the better.

We offer free debt advice to help you choose the most effective solution for you.

By requesting a callback at any time - day or night - you can take the first step towards managing your debt rather than having it controlling you.

So if you ever start to worry about how you are going to make ends meet due to mounting debts, please in touch.

We can help.

We understand that it can feel compromising to expose details of your finances to a stranger, but you can be confident in the fact we are not here to judge but to offer the practical advice and personalised debt solutions you need.

  • James
    From the first day of the advisor coming out to meet us and discuss our options, I knew this was the right choice for my wife and I to make.
  • Clare
    The service I have received has been very professional which made a worrying time easier to deal with.

Testimonials from our preferred insolvency practitioner partner